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Five clippings from four separate book catalogues of London book-dealers, all containing listings of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in first edition. Annotated with the dates of the catalogues in Ernest Mehew's hand.

Three separate letters (two manuscript, one typescript) and an envelop post marked from Köln. Two are notes from Michael Hulse on the subject of Mehew's previous corrections to Hulse's work and on the volume in which the correspondence is contained.…

Two pages on headed paper. The printed text is annotated in two hands commenting on the potential purchase of the book, one of which is signed J. and addressed to 'Ernest' [Mehew]

An envelope inscribed by Roger Swearingen, post marked San Francisco 1995 and with two US stamps, containing a four page flyer on the publication of 'The Bottle Imp', i turn containing a colour flyer showing one of Tom Hann's illustrations for the…

Clipping from page 35 of a catalogue, with a listing of a first edition of Black Arrow (the description being identical to the volume in which it is contained). The address of E. Joseph, Bookseller is printed at the top of the clipping,a nd the date…

An itemised receipt (torn, in two pieces) and a separate acknowledgment of payment, both made out to Ernest Mehew. A 2d. stamp is attached to the latter receipt.

Donated to the collection by Professor Heinz G­­ünnewig. 336 pages.

A printed business card for 'G. E. Leatherland, Ltd. Fruitbrokers', inscribed on the reverse in an unknown hand with a list of novels by Agatha Christie, several of which are marked by a cross.

Monochrome postcard featuring a photographic image of an unidentified woman. Uninscribed, except for with the date '1920 May[?]'

Colour greetings card, the front image featuring a reproduction of 'The Bass Rock from Canty Bay' by Michael Bouquet. Inscribed in the hand of Janet Adam Smith with a greeting referring to 'Tod Lapraik' of Stevenson's Catriona and with a passage…

A clipping, annotated in pencil in an unknown hand as being from the catalogue of 'E. Jospeh June 1992' listing a first edition of Catriona by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Monochrome sepia book mark, printed on recto with an image of a sailing boat and on versowith an advert for Northern of London & Aberdeen Insurance.

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