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Annotated in Mehew's hand with '4/5/90'. Contains the marriage announcement of Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon [see item #1916]

Annotated in Mehew's hand with 'Times 10/3/94'

Single page of manuscript correspondence on letter-headed paper

Single page, manuscript correspondence

Typescript copy of a letter of six pages from Ernest Mehew to David Pascoe on the text of The Wrong Box, with comments on Pascoe's edition of the same in the 'Oxford Popular Fiction' series; typescript single-leaf letter giving Pascoes's reply; a…

237 pages

Notes on the correspondence of the chapters of the printed book of The Wrecker to the dates of installments in the serialised edition. Written on a fragment of typescript dated October 1991

Three clippings of reviews of St Ives: a review from The Times, dated 21 April 1990, and two distinct editions of an article from The Daily Telegraph, dated 3 November 1989 describing the novel. One of these latter is annotated in an unidentified…

Annotated in the hand of Wallace Alig (See item #1909)suggesting that an underlined passage is the source for Stevenson's use of a phrase in St Ives, found on the pages at which this sheet is contained

Typescript copy of a letter of two pages from Ernest Mehew to Wallace Alig on the sources for St Ives and on correspondence between Stevenson and Arthur Quiller-Couch; manuscript single-page letter giving Alig's reply, and considerations on…

A postcard showing an 1896 illustration of Primrose Hill, inquiring after the health of Ernest and Joyce Mehew and detailing Linehan's stay in London

From an unknown source and produced by unknown means. An exact replica of page 47 of the manuscript, replicated exactly (including the hand) on lined yellow notepaper

References the enclosure of a new edition of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (presumably that in which this is enclosed)

Five clippings from four separate book catalogues of London book-dealers, all containing listings of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in first edition. Annotated with the dates of the catalogues in Ernest Mehew's hand.

Three separate letters (two manuscript, one typescript) and an envelop post marked from Köln. Two are notes from Michael Hulse on the subject of Mehew's previous corrections to Hulse's work and on the volume in which the correspondence is contained.…

Two pages on headed paper. The printed text is annotated in two hands commenting on the potential purchase of the book, one of which is signed J. and addressed to 'Ernest' [Mehew]
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