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Personal correspondence, also including reference to a debate on Stevenson's development of 'Kidnapped' conducted in the letters page of 'The Spectator'. Enclosures are cited, but are now separated from this letter.
A single page of stiff paper,…

Inscribed by Frank W. Mehew on the front fly leaf, with the date of October 1914 emended by another hand to 1904. 373 pages.

2 pages

352 pages

243 pages

This is the 'large paper edition', number 35 of a numbered run of 50 copies. Signed by the publisher. With the bookplate of Harold John Tennant in the inside front cover. 299 pages.

Donated to the collection by Professor Heinz G­­ünnewig. 336 pages.

A printed business card for 'G. E. Leatherland, Ltd. Fruitbrokers', inscribed on the reverse in an unknown hand with a list of novels by Agatha Christie, several of which are marked by a cross.

Monochrome postcard featuring a photographic image of an unidentified woman. Uninscribed, except for with the date '1920 May[?]'

Colour greetings card, the front image featuring a reproduction of 'The Bass Rock from Canty Bay' by Michael Bouquet. Inscribed in the hand of Janet Adam Smith with a greeting referring to 'Tod Lapraik' of Stevenson's Catriona and with a passage…

A clipping, annotated in pencil in an unknown hand as being from the catalogue of 'E. Jospeh June 1992' listing a first edition of Catriona by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Monochrome sepia book mark, printed on recto with an image of a sailing boat and on versowith an advert for Northern of London & Aberdeen Insurance.

Donated by the editor, 2016. 17 pages.

Donated to the collection by Dr José Miras. With an inscription from José Miras, dated 8th July 2017. 64 pages.

298 pages

119 pages. Inscribed on the opposite inside front cover by the composer with 'With Thanks to the Robert Louis Stevenson Club, Warmest wishes, Stuart MacRae' and by the author of the libretto with 'Thank you to the Robert Louis Stevenson Club, It…

49 pages

15 pages

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